Car Wash Water Recycling Equipment
Water recycling equipment
Car wash wastewater contains harmful and dangerous substances for our environment, this also becomes an issue for business owners during the SES inspections. That is why it is necessary to take care of this problem and invest in high-quality water recycling equipment. The absence of water recycling system can lead to serious issues and create difficulties in car wash operations.
We offer an effective solution for
comprehensive wastewater recycling
Removal of harmful particles in water
Number of bays Dimensions, LxWxH Weight, kg dry/with water Power kW
1-2 2,0х1,7х1,9 450/3100 2,9
3-4 2,7х2,3х2,1 1060/5100 4,9
5-6 3,9х2,4х2,4 1900/10000 6,3
Sludge sealing tank with defoaming
Reduces the volume of flotation sludge which results in reducing the cost of recycling services
Number of bays Volume of containers, m3 Power kW Dimensions, LxWxH
1-6 2 0,55 2600x915x1355
Reagent Unit
Preparation of chemical reagents for water cleaning
Number of bays Volume of containers, m3 Power kW Dimensions, LxWxH
1-6 2x200 2x0,18 1270x910x1550
Water recycling systems clean water from:
  • Fats
  • Suspended solids
  • Organic impurities
  • Oils
  • Mineral oils
  • Surfactants and other contaminants

Why water recycling is important?

  1. The installation of a water recycling system is mandatory by legislative norms.
  2. The water recycling system for a car wash protects the environment from harmful particles and substances. Failing of water filters will leave stains on the car after washing, which will be hard to remove.

Advantages of having water recycling system on your car wash

  1. There is no need to equip water line and sewerage, because thanks to filtration, water can be used again and again.
  2. Huge savings in water, and, therefore, utility bills.
  3. Cost-Effectivness. Equipment directly from the manufacturer!
  4. Environmental friendliness and compliance with SES standards. You don't pollute the environment with dirty water.
  5. Warranty and post-warranty service.
  6. There is no need to install and constantly replace expensive filters.
  7. Installation of a car wash water recycling system is carried out without construction work and digging of sewers and wells. All equipment installed above the ground.

How is the water recycling process works?

During the car wash, the water drains into a sand trap. Then the following stages take place:
  • During the car wash, the water drains into a sand trap. Then the following stages take place: 
  • The process of water recycling begins with the start of a special drainage pump:
  • The clarifier works by passing air bubbles through the purification medium in order to form a foam. This foam is called flotation sludge, which is removed and diverted to a special dehydration device. In order for the bubbles to catch and remove the contamination, it is necessary to first add special substances - coagulants and flocculants. These substances have high adhesion, which allows them to help pollutants stick together with each other and with air bubbles, forming so-called floccules. The bubble, passing from the nozzle of the distributing device to the top, captures sticky pollutants with it. This process repeats until the water reaches the desired purity.
  • Additional filters and a tanks are used to collect clean water, after which the process is repeated.


How often do I need to refill my water supplies?

Usually, water recycling at a closed-cycle car wash with two bays requires 1-2 cubic meters of water per week.


All supplied equipment is under comprehensive manufacturer's warranty for 12 months. This approach eliminates risks and allows you to fully focus on your business.

The effectiveness of the water recycling
system has been proven by laboratory tests.
Types of contaminants Initial water purity mg/l Cleaning efficiency,%
Suspended solids 10000 90
Mineral oils 5000 96
Fats 5000 90
COD 5000 60
BOD 2500 60
Surfactants 300 60
Tests results
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