Technologies used in our equipment

At the heart of "MOY-KA! DS Business" equipment lies European and American washing technologies.

The key difference in the American and European approaches is in the application and appearance of the washing soap. European consumers prefer to use foam under high pressure, while the colored emulsion is especially popular on the American market.

The Space equipment line is based on European technology. The unique system of optimization of functional elements of the equipment allows:

  • Save space in the technical room
  • Facilitate the installation process
  • To ensure the convenience of operation
  • To upgrade a manual car wash into an self-service one without a large technical room
  • It is easy and fast to scale the business due to the modular design of the equipment.

The American approach to the car cleaning process and many years of experience in operating our chain of car washes inspired us to create a BUSINESS line of equipment. The BUSINESS equipment package utilizes the accessories from the world’s leading manufacturers, such as CAT Pumps, Danfoss, Naval, R+M, Schneider Electric, etc.

The high manufacturability of the Business equipment line allows you to reduce the consumption of auto chemicals by up to 50%, as well as save more than 60% on water and electricity compared to standard equipment available on the car wash equipment market.

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Technological features of our car washes

Good quality car wash service is the key to customer satisfaction at any car wash.

Our research and tests, identify 4 main factors that affect the quality of car washing. All of them are interrelated and mutually complement each other. A decrease in one of the factors is compensated by an increase in the rest.

Key Factors

For most physicochemical processes, an increase in temperature plays the role of catalyst. Elevated temperature decreases the viscosity of fatty contaminants and increases their solubility and wettability.

However, increased temperature is not always a good thing. It can lead to the reduction of the surface activity of soluble surfactants and the stability of washing emulsion and foam. In addition, it results in an increase in the cost of heating.

When mixing chemicals with water, we have set the optimal water temperature at which washing qualuty increases by a high margin. At the same time, the temperature is not so high to not harm the car exterior and car wash equipment like plunger pumps, hydraulic compensators, valve membranes, hoses, and rotary couplings.

We have determined at what temperature of the car water heating is not required and when it is critically needed. This allows car wash owners to save money on water heating during the warm seasons and provide quality washing service.

All of our washing chemicals go through technical quality control and tests. This allows us to avoid precipitation, thickening, and loss of cleaning properties during overheating or freezing.

The key factors of the car wash quality are the type, composition, and quality of the washing chemicals. Alkaline and acidic shampoos are considered to be some of the most popular. Cleaning products are supplied in liquid, gel-like, and powder forms. In addition, they are divided, according to the direction of application, into manual and contactless.

Washing soaps consist of these ingredients:

  • Water - is the main component, usually used softened or desalinated
  • Surfactants - responsible for removing dirt
  • Complexing compounds - responsible for removing surface tension and reducing the impact of contaminants in water and on the car exterior (hardness salts, iron, etc.);
  • Additives - reduce the harmful effects of corrosion and ultraviolet radiation.
  • Perfumes and dyes - responsible for the visual outlook of the washing chemicals. The delicious smell and bright color of washing soap result in a satisfied client.

D&S Technologies conducts All-Russian auto chemicals tests twice a year. The largest chemical manufacturers from Russia and abroad participate. We are able to obtain the best and most exclusive products from the leading manufacturers due to the huge volumes of auto chemical consumption by our chain.

The quality of car cleanness directly correlates with the exposure time of washing chemicals. Prolonged contact of chemicals with contamination facilitates its subsequent removal.

But at the same time, we should not forget that excessively prolonged contact can harm the paintwork, decorative aluminum, and chrome inserts of the car exterior.

During car washing, a high-pressure water flow has a physical effect on contamination. It is important to choose the optimal distance between the surface of the car and the nozzle of the spraying gun. This will help to ensure a balance of the impact force of the water flow. We recommend a distance of 30 cm.

The washing efficiency depends on:

  • The qualities of used chemicals
  • Concentrations of chemicals
  • The exposure time of chemicals on the car exterior
  • Mechanical impact
  • Temperature

The effectiveness of touchless car wash is determined by the combination of the above- listed factors. Of course, it is possible to compensate for one of the factors with others. For example, a lower concentration of chemicals can be compensated by an increase in mechanical action. But at the same time, the increased mechanical impact can result in scratches on the car exterior or an increase in the concentration of shampoo or the time of its exposure – can chemically damage the paintwork of a vehicle.

Water quality has a significant impact on the quality of car wash. It is well-known fact that softened water from which was removed substances like alkaline earth metals, mainly calcium and magnesium is better for washing.

Calcium and magnesium salts significantly reduce the washing, foaming, and anti- sorption ability of washing chemicals. Also, they can lead to increase costs of shampoos, which are spent on binding Calcium and Magnesium ions. To mitigate this risk, add electrolytes to washing chemicals, but it will lead to a cost increase of these products.

The quality of the water has an impact not only on the quality of washing but also on the operation of the car washing equipment. The presence of suspensions leads to clogging of filters and tight hydro lines. Fluorinated impurities are harmful to brass products, manganese, iron-osmotic installations, etc. Our company has extensive experience in the field of water treatment and interacts with leading organizations from the water treatment industry. Based on water analysis, we select the optimal water treatment solution for our clients, not always with limiting softening installations. As a result, our client receives the maximum quality for optimal price.

Washing Programs
Wheel Wash

A special concentrated solution in the form of a finely dispersed emulsion. It is sprayed through the main spraying gun under low pressure. The main purpose of this program is to clean the wheels and the bottom of the car from dirt and road reagents.

Active Soap

Concentrated solution in the form of a finely dispersed foam emulsion. It is sprayed through the main spraying gun under low pressure. This function is designed to soften the dirt on the car exterior.


Rinsing consists of clean, soft water supplied through the main spraying gun under high pressure. This function is designed to rinse the car from any washing chemicals on the car exterior and prepare it for the final stages of the car wash. Correctly adjusted parameters of water flow from the spraying gun and its pressure ensure excellent washing quality in balance with comfort and safety.

Foam “T-Power”

A concentrated shampoo solution sprayed as a low-pressure foam through an additional spraying gun. Foam's texture and volume serve as a marketing tool for attracting new customers, but also its ability to not dry out quickly on the heated car exterior results in a quality car washing experience for the customer.


A solution with a reduced concentration of shampoo is sprayed through the main spraying gun under high pressure. The purpose of the function is to wash off the main contaminations that were softened at the previous step, continuing to affect the car exterior surface with a light concentration of shampoo.

Stain Free Rinsing

Final rinsing with demineralized water sprayed under low pressure through the main spraying gun. The main purpose of the function is to ensure fast drying of the car, without stains on the car exterior.

Brush + Foam

A special foam composition for delicate car washing, with a brush made from natural bristles. This method guarantees the achievement of high-quality washing even in the presence of serious ingrained dirt.

Water + Shampoo

A special protective compound that is sprayed from the main spraying gun under low pressure. The wax protects the paintwork from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays and road reagents, giving additional shine and radiance to the car exterior.

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