About us

Our company has many years of work experience, extensive regional coverage with its branches, a wide range of serviced equipment, and professional infrastructure of production units.

Service support of accessories manufacturers and cooperation with major suppliers reduce equipment repair costs.

The work of our company is certified according to the ISO 9001 standards.

Today DS Service is the largest service provider for self-service car wash equipment on the Russian market. We provide technical support and maintenance for complex high- tech equipment, at the level of European standards.

150 000
components in stock
Car washes use DS Service
Car washes under warranty
Car washes in direct operation

Service Desk is an automated monitoring system that allows us to quickly respond to customer requests.

At the time of breakdown, our team of specialists will immediately provide counseling to fix the problem remotely. If it will be necessary, we will send spare parts as soon as possible.

If the breakdown can not be resolved remotely, we will send out a service engineer immediately with all the necessary accessories and tools.

DS Service is a solution to car wash breakdowns in less than 48 hours. The terms of repair of car washes and costs are specified in the contract.

Maintenance Rules

All the service and maintenance work follows rules and guidelines that had been developed by our team to ensure the smooth operation of your equipment. All of the engineers had been trained and certified by the "MOI-KA! DS Business».

When a breakdown happens, a faulty unit is sent to the lab for examination. After the test, the decision is made to replace it under warranty.

During the lab test, a replacement part is provided to the client in order to maintain the constant and uninterrupted operation of the equipment.

Post-warranty service

After the expiration of the warranty period on the equipment, all our customers can enter into post-warranty maintenance of the equipment, which includes:

  • Personal service engineer-consultant
  • Control and monitoring of car wash technical servicing
  • Сonducting scheduled maintenance work of a car wash
  • Emergency departures on request
  • Monitoring the work of your technical staff
  • Recommendations for carrying out work on the prevention of emergencies.

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