Certificates and Patents

All assembly activity for car wash equipment corresponds to appropriate documentation. Grant of car wash certificate is supported by all of necessary documents and permits. This process allows you to start operating your car wash without any delays.

It is worth mentioning that a distinctive feature of car washes with the provided list of certificates is the ability to be located in those places that at first glance are not suitable for installing huge car wash facilities.

Our experience in the car wash market allows us to provide such a list of documents and certificates. To eliminate unnecessary difficulties for you when communicating with such regulatory organizations:

By providing the maximum set of certificates of conformity and additional documents, you will be able to minimize the possibility of developing difficulties, regardless of the region of your residence and the location of the business.

An important feature is that only we offer our customers valid certificates. After all, representatives of our company are directly connected with the production.
The presence of a significant package of documents is an important plus when choosing a car wash manufacturer. Do not trust resellers who cannot provide a certificate for car wash equipment.

We are cooperating with R+M since February 2014. This long-term relationship allows us to participate in a variety of joint business projects, exchange experiences, and various industry events.

An essential factor of the automatization of our equipment is the use of OVEN equipment. Their equipment is not only highly durable but is also certified.

Thus, the purchase of an automated car wash allows you to get products certified by R+M and OVEN, which guarantees additional reliability and customer satisfaction.

When choosing car wash equipment, "D&S Technologies" is your trusted business partner. Our company is ready to offer high-quality equipment in compliance with all requirements and standards at the best prices.

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