Own production of car wash equipment

Cooperation with the American brand D&S CAR WASH has allowed "MOY-KA!" DS Business" to create new innovative solutions specifically adapted for the Russian market.

We have created our own production division "DS Industry", which produces equipment using large-node assembly technology. Which gives a full guarantee of the quality of the products. We make buying a car wash easier by offering ready-made integrated solutions.

"DS Indsustry" - focuses on the manufacturing and assembly of the equipment and development of software for the car wash industry.

DS - Detailing Service, the pleasure of self- care of the car, service is in the details.

The production power of the "DS Industry" is 30 equipment sets a month. Eighty-five involved specialists into production. Total production area of 4192 m2 and the office area of 626 m2.

In 2022, our production capabilities are a metalworking workshop — 2270 m2, a warehouse of accessories and finished goods - 432 m2, an assembly, and testing workshop - 432 m2.

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Innovation Department

"MOY-KA! DS Business" has formed its own innovation department, which focuses on testing and development of auto chemicals, car washing technologies, equipment accessories like foam injectors, pumps, dispensers, and control systems. We are only one of few manufacturers with our own laboratory facilities.

"MOY-KA! DS Business" ensures the quality of its products, thus testing all the produced goods and not letting those on the market which do not fully meet the requirements of business owners and 100% meet the expectations of car wash clients.

Customer Service

"MOY-KA! DS Business" customer service is the combined experience of operating more than 190 self-service car washes, of which 55 are under direct management. Our management methods and experience guarantee the stable operation of your car wash.

When a breakdown happens our team of skilled engineers comes out to the car wash within 48 hours. This is achieved due to one of the largest networks of service centers in Russia (Voronezh, Pskov, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Lipetsk, Tambov, Belgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Saratov, Penza, Kazan, Pskov, Murmansk)

Moy-Ka DS Business University

"MOY-KA! DS Business" training center can already be called a university. Staff training programs consist of 3 stages.

  • Distance learning Remote examination of material (more than 400 sheets of instructions, manuals, service recommendations). Remote testing.
  • Labs Familiarity with the company, practical exercises on a unique stand of emergency situations, and study of repair and prevention methods.
  • Practical exercises.Practical training of a technical specialist at 11 operating facilities in Voronezh, with a possible immersion in the work of a car wash manager.
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