Heating equipment
Installation of heating equipment

PSMK LLC is a dynamically developing multidisciplinary company. Performs a wide range of structural and special construction works. One of the main specializations of the company is the installation and adjustment of heating equipment.

The company also installs boiler rooms that operate on any sort of fuel, additionally performs all types of work on the gasification of industrial and private facilities.

Installation of heating equipment at a car wash includes installation of gas boilers, pumping equipment, flues, the connection of pipelines, as well as automation control systems. The equipment for the heating system is selected taking into account the specifications of the car wash.

Savings & Effectiveness
Technical specification of heating equipment
  • Boilers ACV Delta Pro
  • ACV liquid fuel burners BMV2 FV
  • Ferrum Stainless Steel Chimneys
  • Hansa Pumping set
  • Grundfos circulation pumps
  • - Automated Control SystemTech
Heating equipment cost
with the use of ACV boilers and other components
2 Bays
From 500 000 rub
3 Bays
From 550 000 rub
4 Bays
From 650 000 rub
5 Bays
From 700 000 rub
6 Bays
From 800 000 rub
7 Bays
From 900 000 rub
8 Bays
From 1 000 000 rub
SRO for construction work
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