Why to choose self-service car wash?

The most affordable way to wash a car is minimum work, low prices, and no lines. The attractiveness of self-service car washes is obvious to both the customer and the owner:

For business owner
  • Gross income from 1.16 to 3.7 million rubles per month
  • Simply - a minimum of employees
  • Stability - every year 1.5 times increase in revenue since 2013
  • Easy - just open and maintain
For car owner
  • Cheap - 2-3 times cheaper than a regular car wash
  • быстро - экономия времени (в среднем 10-20 мин на мойку)
  • Fast – average saved time per car wash is 10- 20 min.
  • Personalize - a large selection of washing programs

3 reasons to invest into self-service car wash business

Every customer comes to the car wash with the sole purpose of getting a clean car at an affordable price. Washing the car yourself is much cheaper than using a standard car wash.

Due to this, self-service car washes get their popularity and high profitability. Business owners can significantly reduce costs and increase profits by saving on wages, unlike a classic car wash, where the number of employees increases with each bay, one administrator is enough at a self-service car wash. Starting a business from scratch has never been easier!

cars pass monthly through self-service car wash
of the increasing number of vehilcl owners
employee for the entire self-service car wash
"MOY-KA! DS Business" is your reliable partner!

“MY-KA! DS Business – is the largest manufacturer of equipment for self-service car washes in Russia. We produce high- quality equipment due to our innovative technologies and successful cooperation with American colleagues. All the new technologies on the car wash market are tested at the company’s own facilities. “MY-KA! DS Business” knows everything about how to open a self-service car wash business.

Will self-service car wash be profitable in the cold climate regions?
Stable demand for the service will also be in regions with low temperatures. In January 2018, "MY-KA! DS Business" opened a self- service car wash in Murmansk - according to our data, its profit even in winter is comparable to the facilities opened in Samara.
Does this business work in low populated regions?
Of Course! Self-service car washes are successfully operating in Novovoronezh, Liski, Povorino, and Borisoglebsk. Despite the fact that the revenue for some facilities is noticeably lower than in cities with a population of more than 200 thousand, an important advantage of building a car wash in such a locality is the low cost and maintenance costs. Accordingly, the profitability of the business may be even higher than that of a six-bay complex in a big city.
Will the business be profitable in highly competitive cities? For example, in Moscow and St. Petersburg?
Even "MOY-KA! DS Business" car washes, that are located within 10-15 meters away from competitors are easily profitable.
Number of Bays Jan Feb Mar
3 bays 548 256 371 160 418 707
6 bays 1 350 581 570 650 1 500 180
9 bays 2 885 760 1 591 030 3 063 420
Along with car washes, the number of cars in large cities is also increasing - if you provide a quality service, you have nothing to worry about
How to solve the problem of lack of sewerage, water, and electricity?
We always strive to find the most optimal solution to this sort of problem. There are successful examples of car washes that work on wells, gas, and diesel batteries. The profit from those car washes remains at a high level even when using imported water.
What if I do not have enough funds to start a business?
By saving money on construction or buying low-quality equipment, you can only create more problems for yourself. "MOY-KA! DS Business" provides equipment at favorable prices on the terms of leasing and financing for 50% up to 6 months.
Who will carry out maintenance of the equipment, replacement of components, and supply of consumables?
Our warehouses have more than 10,000 components in stock. To date, "MOY-KA! DS Business" has about 50 car washes under warranty service and about 100 for maintenance.
Confirmed statistics!

Confirmed by data from the 50 self-owned car washes

29 000 000 rub.
The average turnover per year from a 6-bay car wash

80 %
business profitability
160 rub.
The average customer spend
17 000 car
Vehicles a month

In result you get

29 000 000


Average revenue per year



to profit for an additional equipment

499 000


Additional equipment

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